As my wife says, there are plenty of other reason’s to hate me.

Seriously though,

Why the fuck is it ok for people to totally make fun of the man bun? It’s totally NOT ok to make fun of bald guys or a woman with a 20 yr old bob. Yet at one point I couldn’t open a social media feed without some sort of derogatory meme for any dude with a man bun.

I’m a long haired dude ..

I don’t have a whole lot of fucking options when it comes to doing shit with this mess of hair I have. I can either wear it down or put it in a pony tail, that’s like TWO fucking choices. The man bun literally adds 33% more variation to the way I can look on any given day. #TheStruggleIsReal

And it’s not even like I wear a man bun THAT much, MAYBE twice a year. Any time I do its a big deal, people at work will comment. I walk around all day feeling like a total douce bag. But fuck it, I’ll wear that shit if I want to. And I’ll stare every fucking one of you right in the face as I do. I MAY even write a blog about it.

I get it …

I was in a bar the other day, (few months ago actually) and there was this total douche canoe and of course he had a man bun. I was SO glad I wasn’t sporting a man bun too.

In fact that’s a thing, I find it weird seeing guys with like the tiniest of pony tails or man buns and I’m like, ‘dude really, check out my flowing locks.”

The difference is …

Just because I don’t agree with someone’s choices or styles doesn’t give me the right to go around making meme’s up or commenting all over facebook how silly or stupid someone looks. It’s MORE than OK to THINK those things, but its NOT OK to force my opinions or styles upon anyone else.

If you have a problem with me wearing a man bun, it says more about you than it does about me.

-- Downs, out.