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My Dad was a joker

  So ... The first thing you need to realize before reading any further is that it is (was) common place in the wrestling biz to pull pranks or (ribs) on your fellow wrestlers. It's just the way things were back then. There are even documented cases of this type of...

I’m a 44 yr old man and Coronation Street is my fav show.

My family is British …
Meaning I come by my love of Corrie (that’s what us hardcore fans call the show) honestly. My mothers family is from England, my mom was actually born there but spent most of her life here (in Canada) so doesn’t have an accent. Tea, darts and Coronation Street were the cornerstone of my upbringing.

Don’t Hate Me Because of My Man Bun

Seriously though,
Why the fuck is it ok for people to totally make fun of the man bun? It’s totally NOT ok to make fun of bald guys or a woman with a 20 yr old bob. Yet at one point I couldn’t open a social media feed without some sort of derogatory meme for any dude with a man bun.

There are 4 key areas of content for this website:


I plan to write articles about my hobbies and the shit that pisses me off.


Basically just a mention of the podcast in case anyone ends up here because of that show.

User Experience

In my professional life I live in the world of UX and Service Design. This will be where I share personal feelings on those topics.


Here you will be able to see one of my passions in collecting.

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